Samadhi Floatation Tanks
Time Machine to the Present ®

Floating opens a portal into Presence, offering transportation from past and future into the timeless Now.

Getting out is as simple as getting in

This state of being has been sung, spoken, and celebrated by people for millennia in their songs, art, and prayers. In this space deep healing, insight, and inspiration occur effortlessly.

For those of us embodied on planet Earth today, the frenetic pace of daily survival and the constant stream of sensory stimuli coming at us from every direction make it incredibly challenging to find our way back to this pure ground of peaceful, timeless existence.

Samadhi Floatation Tanks are a Time Machine to the Present ®, allowing the body the freedom of zero gravity, the mind the absence of external stimuli so that pure consciousness can emerge as the center of our Being.

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Time Machine to the Present ®
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