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Samadhi - The original manufacturer of the floatation tank, also known as flotation tank, sensory deprivation tank, float tank, and John Lilly tank used for meditation, visualization, rejuvenation, self observation, creativity, time travel, prayer, solitude, rest and relaxation since 1972.

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Sell the Samadhi floatation tank that we manufacture.

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"Over the last 25 years I have exhausted numerous addictions and relationships in pursuit of the very sensation - or state of being actually - that the floatation tank gave me in one hour. No drug-induced euphoria, no sexual or romantic high, no nicotine or food fix, nor any spiritual venture ever brought me as close to my desired destination as the float tank did. This illusively defined 'destination' became much clearer to me after floating in the tank. It's a truly remarkable and freeing experience.
Annie C

Floatation Tank Description

The float tank is a little larger around than a twin sized bed and chest high. It contains 10" of water to which so much epsom salts have been added, that when you get in and lie on your back, you are pushed to the surface so you float like a cork, weightless as an astronaut in space. There is a lightweight door that you can leave open, or if you want to get rid of the distractions of noise and light you can close the door.

Samadhi floatation tank seethru to show you how remarkably floating occurs in a saturated epsom salt solution

Samadhi Tank Co. began

Samadhi Tank Co. was christened in 1972 by Dr. John Lilly, the scientist who invented the floatation / flotation tank.

There were no tanks produced commercially yet. Dr. Lilly provided the specifications along with his blessings and the company was formed as a corporation.

There is more at Floatation Tank History

SAMADHI - the Definition

Samadhi is a Sanskrit word that means:

* a state of deep contemplation

* a state of extraordinary lucidity, deep meditation, concentration

* becoming one with the object of meditation

* an enlightened bliss state in Zen Buddhism and Hinduism

Getting out is as simple as getting in

Before You Float

If you have never floated or you are about to float, here is information before your first float.

Floatation Tank - Many Uses

You can deal with pain relief, muscle aches, insomnia, creative blocks, career choices, business plans, design problems, rejection, mental chatter, or must important - nothing at all...when you float.

For example, Fred in Salt Lake City had been in chronic pain since he was in an automobile accident 15 years ago. The Samadhi tank fixed that gradually. He floats at night, before going to bed which relaxes him and releases the pain so he can sleep to let his body repair itself. He keeps cutting back his medication.

Rita was moving from Los Angeles to a small, unfamiliar town in Texas and she took a float tank with her as a magnet to attract kindred spirits. Se got to have her cake and use it too.

Daisy in Albuquerque notes that as she gets older, her body is not as resilient, as it used to be and she floats after heavy workouts in the garden - her chosen avocation.

Jane is always involved with her 2 children, 3 and 9 years old. She uses the quiet time she gets in her floatation tank to restore her energy.

Brian Mason bought his first Samadhi floatation tank when he was parking cars for a living.He didn't have the confidence to try any other jobs. He would get into the tank and float for 5 or 6 hours at a time, every day, until he got his "assignment". His first assignment was "to get to know his mother". He didn't go back into the tank until he completed the assignment to his satisfaction. As he completed his series of tank generated assignments, he gained what he needed to take the next step. Last report said he was working as a research assistant to a brilliant social scientist in Australia.

These sound like unusual stories and tank owner's are rather unusual people. Very special folks. After all, how many people do you know who have floatation tanks? Many things that have no ordinary way of being solved can be handled simply by allowing your own resources to become available.

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