Floater Comfort Control Function

The purpose of the Floater Comfort Control (FCC) is to allow everyone to be more comfortable in the tank than otherwise. I like the tank cool and Lee, my partner, likes it 3/4F warmer. We used to put the temperature half way between, but neither of us was totally comfortable. In air, perspiration cools the body but in a tank with all of the body in 100% humidity, perspiration doesn't work. So the comfort range in the tank is very small.

Since people like it at different temperatures, I developed FCC. We set the solution temperature to be perfect for the people who like it cool, with the FCC off. (Ignore the numbers on the digital temperature control until it is calibrated. Until then, it may be comfortable at 88 or 95 or whatever.)

Then always have the FCC on except when someone floats. The floater comfort control being on prevents condensation on the top.

Turn off the FCC before anyone floats. Some people will be comfortable with the FCC off. If someone feels too cool, they can turn on the FCC. A buzzer lets them know that they are turning it on rather than off. Then the heater in the top, radiates down onto the person's skin warming it, so they feel comfortable. This is like an infrared light in a bathroom or the sun shining on your skin in the spring.

By the way, if someone thinks the tank is stuffy, then for them, it should be a little cooler. This is perhaps more important for new floaters than the temperature, cause new floaters have so much to pay attention to that they don't notice the subtleties of temperature. But they do notice that they think they don't have enough air, when in reality by lowering the temperature 1/2 degree they would think it is fine.

tank temperature situation chart