"For me one of the nicest things about having my own tank is that I can float whenever I want, for as long as I want, and as often as I want. And when I am finished, I don't have to drive anywhere and because I made the investment I use it a lot and I think it is one of the best things I ever bought - Clarity, freedom and fun."

- Mary C.

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Physical Requirements

Where to Put It

The ideal location is a warm, quiet, indoor space. Since you do need to shower before and after floating, it is a luxury having the shower in the same room, but having it nearby is fine. You can put the tank in your bedroom, basement, office, studio or ...
A tank can be put outdoors, though not in the sun, and indoors is much better, if it gets cold where you live.


No plumbing hookup is required. The tank is self contained. You use a hose to get water to your tank. Once you fill it, you leave it filled and if you need to empty it , you use the drainage fitting that comes with your tank and a hose.


Standard building current is sufficient. If your country's voltage is about 115 Volts, then the equipment uses 14 Amps. If your Voltage is about 230 Volts then the equipment requires 7 Amps. You need an outlet with 4 receptacles. Tell us the standard current in your country and we will give you the correct equipment.


Somehow the Samadhi Tank seems to take up very little space, especially for something so big. The tank is approximately 4'x 8' (120cm x 240cm) and requires a space of approximately 5' x11' (I 50cm x 33 5cm). The rectangular shape blends into its surroundings surprisingly invisibly and you can use the space over it for a bed , shelves or a display. If you have a question about your location, ask us and we will help. We have seen some interesting tank placements and are happy to pass on the ideas.



Since the tank is enclosed, it does not make the room humid. It is completely safe to keep a tank in an office, bedroom, or workout room as we have done.


The tank imparts no odor to the room it is in.


Civil engineers have assured us that if the place you live or work is safe to live, then having a tank is safe there too.

Getting Out

If you live alone, you can get one of our options to signal when your float is up. You can also quickly learn you can trust your "sensing" to tell you when your preferred time is up. Learning to "know" improves with floating.

Will I Use It

You know your own habits. Once you build a habit of using your tank you will maintain it, and the results will be worth it. This is how Glenn Perry built his habit: "I wanted to have a one hour float every day. Less than that, I thought I didn't get where I wanted to be, and I liked to float in the morning. So if I got up too late I would decide that the next day I would really need a hour. If I didn't have that much time, then I was quickly out of the habit and not using it at all. I finally decided to use it every day no matter how much time I had, even if it was only a minute. I instantly developed the habit of using it every day." Glenn

Why Deal with Samadhi

Samadhi Tank Company is known worldwide for the high quality of its products and for standing behind their products with fast, personable service.

Features unique to Samadhi Tanks

Samadhi is the only company ever to have the following features:


in bright indirect sunlight, which we think is very important.

No Condensation

on the inside of the top - this is very good, Otherwise it drops on you, if you forget to wipe it off periodically.

Lightweight and Portable

- since it arrives in thin (the thickest panel is 2.5") lightweight panels you can get it down the hall around the corner and into the back room or basement without cutting any holes in a wall. This is important for you, the truck driver, your pocket book and the house.

Our Service

Our service is legendary. We can't help but give excellent service.

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