Checking your shipment


Freight drivers are trained and told, “SIGN FOR WHAT YOU GET AND GET WHAT YOU SIGN FOR.” Simple, yes but to the point.

Just as drivers are instructed to give every shipment a full and close inspection, you too must give shipments that are being delivered to you a careful count and inspection.

The following should be carefully checked:

  1. proper markings, eg. is the shipment to you
  2. actual count of the goods and comparison of that count with the number of pieces listed on the carrier’s freight bill, and of course,
  3. the condition of the shipping containers.

If the count is different than that found on the freight bill, then write on the bill of lading the actual number of pieces received, then both you and the driver sign that.

Check the packages CAREFULLY for ANY damages. If ANYTHING looks doubtful or suspicious, that there might be damage or alteration to a carton, you must act.

  1. Note on the freight bill exactly what the damage is and sign it and have the driver sign it. (Even if the contents seem ok, note the package damage, in case content damage surfaces later.)
  2. Open the package up, with the driver present, and check the contents. If anything looks amiss, write on the freight bill what you see that looks questionable. Such as “bottom corner has a 2” crack” or “1 hinge of the door is broken off” and have both you and the driver sign it.

Whenever you find damage, you must have an inspection by the appropriate inspector from the freight company and you must place a claim with them. If damage happens, immediately contact Samadhi Tank Co 530-477-1319 or